Victoria Streetcar Maps


In doing a little research, I came across a number of maps of Victoria’s old tram / streetcar system, and thought I’d put them all in one place.

I will likely write something about this, but meantime, I hope you enjoy these.

(And if you know of any others, please let me know!)


1890 Tram system sketch, from The Story of the BC Electric Railway Company, reproduced at



1902 map from The Colonist, reproduced at



Greater Victoria Streetcar Lines, BCER system map, circa 1920s, image via the Greater Victoria Public Library, reproduced at



Map of Victoria’s streetcar system circa 1939. Image: Dr. Patrick Dunae, reproduced at


The bigger picture – Regional rail in 1923, and the Victoria Streetcar system included – kindly shared publicly by @busdriverlife.


Rail layer from VicMap > Transportation > Rail Lines. Thanks to City of Victoria, and to a couple of Redditors for bringing this to my attention.

And here is a great little vignette of streetcar life that someone shared online. Enjoy!