Streets are for people


Here are my comments in support of today’s agenda item “Accelerating the network of greener quieter low-traffic streets.” I’m delighted that this motion passed unanimously.

Streets are for people.

Sometimes people in cars, but also – and increasingly – people on foot, people using wheelchairs and mobility scooters, people on bikes, people on skateboards and kick scooters, people sitting at tables on a summer evening with family and friends sharing meals, people playing a game of street hockey, people having a block party with their neighbors.

Streets are for people. They are not exclusively for cars, and the notion that they were exclusively for cars was temporary, weird, and harmful. It was an artifact of 20th century automobile marketing, and it is over.

We are never going back to that.

Yes, we will continue to see cars on our streets, but not dominating every last one of them.

And we will continue to reallocate street space, like any public asset, to its highest and best uses.

This council unanimously voted to continue the pedestrianization of government street. I’ll repeat, that was a unanimous vote.

You can expect to see us pedestrianizing more street spaces in the future. And I’m very happy to support this motion today to help accelerate that.