Safe spaces for people


The way we built our cities and transportation systems, mainly in the previous century, creates serious safety risks for people – whether they are inside cars, walking, rolling, riding, or just sitting on a bench.

There were hundreds of casualty crashes in Victoria between 2017 and 2021.



ICBC defines casualty crashes as those resulting in injury or fatality.

We need to create *more* safe spaces for people, regardless of what they are doing or how they are getting around.

This means wider sidewalks, better crosswalks, curb cuts with tactile paving, protected ride and roll networks, safe routes to school, “school streets,” safer street design, and more.




Anyone suggesting a reduction in safe spaces has the onus to first explain in detail what that looks like, and precisely how it will reduce and not increase safety risks.

When considering municipal infrastructure proposals as a member of Victoria City Council, I will be relying heavily on the above points.

As always, I remain open-minded and welcome your thoughts:

Disclosure: I walk, bike, bus, and own and drive a car.