I’m listening to your concerns and your ideas for the City.


For more than a year now, I’ve been hearing your concerns and your ideas in phone calls, online meetings, in-person meetings, gatherings, emails, social media and elsewhere.

My thanks again to those who are giving their time and thoughts so generously, including parents, seniors and youth; renters and homeowners; workers and students; community volunteers, advocates, and business representatives; elected officials and government employees; and more. 

I’m continuing these conversations, and they are very useful. I’m hearing a wide range of viewpoints, but also a surprising amount of agreement. 

I’ve heard many times that there are policy priorities for Victoria, including housing availability and affordability; the pandemic recovery, businesses and jobs; the climate emergency; the drug poisoning crisis; a vibrant, healthy, safe downtown; and livable neighbourhoods. I will address these and other topics in future posts.

I’ve also heard a lot of support for my approach, which comes from my experience as an advisor to businesses, charities and governments:

  • Focus on what the City can actually accomplish. We need results.
  • Be independent, not part of a slate.
  • Be pragmatic. We need Council members who are able to work with others.
  • Be evidence-based; facts matter.

If you have ideas you’d like to share, please let me know: dave@davethompsonvictoria.ca.