Election info: renters can allow access to their building, but…


Renters tend to be underrepresented among local election voters.

This is partly because candidates and volunteer canvassers often have a hard time providing election material inside apartment buildings. Houses and townhouses with doors facing the street get a lot of election material, and occupants are generally are aware of elections coming up.

One renter told me they had never before received any election information. Some renters would like more election information in their building, and would like to let candidates and canvassers in.

BC legislation says landlords must not unreasonably restrict access:

                      –  Residential Tenancy Act

However, this applies only to rental properties, and not to stratas (condos), co-operatives, or other forms of multifamily dwellings. The rules are more favourable for canvassing in provincial or federal elections.

I would encourage candidates and canvassers who canvass inside rental buildings to do so politely and quietly, and during daytime or early evening hours, with a mask and campaign materials visible, and stand well back from doors.

If you have suggestions, or a question about your rights as a voter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: info@davethompsonvictoria.ca

(The above is not legal advice, and those requiring advice should consult a lawyer.)